January 2009 | The domestic DVD is now available throughout the U.S. and (we think) Canada. If not in stores up there it's available at online retailers. Maverick Entertainment is distributing the film. So please rent or buy it today at Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart. It's also currently available at the Red Box DVD Rental installations (outside Walgreens, Walmarts, etc.). No word yet whether or not the film will be on cable TV or pay-per-view. We really appreciate everyone who supports independent film!

April 2008 | We have now secured our domestic deal (just inked it last week) and so the movie should be released on DVD this summer 2008 in the normal places like Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon, etc. Also, the film could pop up on the likes of Showtime and/or some On Demand pay-per-view channels. We will post release dates when they are announced, so please check back soon. Thanks!

December 2007 | Recently got an update from our foriegn distributor and so far we've sold these territories for DVD (and some TV):

1. S. Africa
2. Brazil
3. Romania
4. Italy
5. Taiwan
6. Albania
7. Poland
8. Latin America (via an MGM output deal for DVD)

This is all really cool news. The DVD should start popping up in retailers soon. Secondly, we're EXTREMELY close to inking a domestic deal (finally). We can't release details just yet, but if all goes well the movie will be availble here in the States by early spring.

So, please keep your eye out for the DVD releases wherever you may be reading this. We'll update specific dates when we have them. Thank you!

June 2007 | Our distributor just attended the Cannes Film Market with Killing Down. Don't know how the sales went, but I think things are going pretty good. This is really the last big market for a while. As mentioned, the DVD will start showing up in Europe, etc. this summer/fall. Still haven't made a decision on our domestic, but we will be soon. Would like the movie to be available in the U.S. by the fall as well.

February 2007 | Our foreign distribution is moving along well... just showcased the film at the Berlin market. Had a good event at AFM last November, and next up is Cannes in May. Movie should start popping up on DVD, etc. in Europe soon. On the domestic front we have several offers we're considering. Just trying to find the right fit. Should have some good news to report in the near future.

November 2006 | Foreign rights to the movie have been sold! New Films International bought them and is currently marketing the film at AFM. Please visit their website at www.newfilmsint.com for more information. If you are attending AFM you can find New Films in rooms #632, #634 and #636 at the Loews Santa Monica.

Please note: All Domestic Rights for the film are still available. Contact our Producer's Rep Mark Litwak at (310) 859-9595 if you are interested.

If all goes well film should be available pretty much everywhere this spring. We'll post info here on it's release. So, please check your local DVD stores and/or your favorite online retailer such as Amazon when the time comes. Thanks!

September 2006 | The film is done. Yes, you heard it first. We are now quickly moving to screen the film for distributors. AFM is right around the corner. Interested parties should contact our Producer's Rep Mark Litwak at (310) 859-9595. Look for new website updates and poster artwork coming soon too. Gotta run...

July 2006 | We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things always seem to take longer than planned, but the final movie is just about done. Right now the color correction is taking place at Color Cafe in Austin, TX and the final sound mix is underway at Dallas Audio Post. So, we should have a finished version of the film ready by the first week (or so) in August.

The good news is that basically all our deliverables will be ready for our distributor (whoever that may be). We'll have our M&E tracks (music and sound effects tracks separated from the dialogue so they can dub it into another language), a broadcast TV mix (with no cussing), a 5.1 surround sound mix for DVD, all our music cue sheets, and as far as video we'll have a D-5 HD master, a 1080i HDCAM dub, an NTSC 16x9 DigiBeta, an NTSC 4x3 DigiBeta, and an NTSC 4x3 letterbox DigiBeta. We'll also have PAL versions of the DigiBetas as well. No film print as this time. If one is needed we can work this out rather quickly. So all in all we should be able to provide the distributor with pretty much everything they need in no time (sometimes this can take months to get together at a lot of additional costs).

Plans are still to have an industry screening in LA and possibly NYC depending on distributor interest. We'll post the dates if and when this happens. Thanks for the support! :)

May 2006 | The premiere screening of the movie went great. We sold out the large 500 seat theater at the AMC Northpark 15 as part of the USA Film Festival. Thank you to everyone who attended! We plan to post some pictures from the event on our blog soon, so please check that out in the near future.

We are now working hard to finish the final score, tweak some of the visual effects and do the final color correction (the version of the film we screened at the festival had some temp score and temp color correction). We had hoped to have the movie ready for the Cannes film market, but unfortunately we won't make that deadline. But, it will be worth it to take the extra time to get everything done right.

Next up we'll be planning some industry screenings in Los Angeles (hopefully early summer). As usual, please stay tuned. :)

April 2006 | As the final touches are being put on the film we have some good news to announce.... "Killing Down" will WORLD PREMIERE at the 36th annual USA Film Festival in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday May 2nd at 7pm. Ticket info has not been announced yet, so just check the USA Film Festival website for upcoming details.

March 2006 | Dialogue edit, sound design and score are underway and sounding great. The team at Dallas Audio Post are working hard to finish this important work soon. We hope to do a final mix in the next five to six weeks. In the meantime, we're preparing the movie for color correction and working on about twenty or so visual effect shots.

Our goal has been to have the film ready for distributors before the Cannes film market in May, and we're still trying to make this happen. We are also looking at screening the film at the end of April in Dallas (for cast, crew, friends, family, etc.). We'll announce the exact date and time soon. We're almost there!

January 2006 | Happy New Year! All remaining pick-ups have been shot and edited into the film. Picture is now 99.9% locked. Our composer has the current cut of the film and is working on the score and the sound design will begin shortly. We're also now finalizing the workflow for the color correction and deciding on the looks we want to create with the colorist.

More news to follow soon including an announcement of an online HD version of the trailer and a date for the first public screening of the film.

November 2005 | A brand new full-length trailer is finished and ready to view! We premiered it at the American Film Market in Santa Monica to a very warm reception. The market was a great event. Things are definitely moving in the right direction to secure distribution.

The rough cut of the actual film is more or less done and we're now preparing to do a couple pick-up shots to finish up. Next step is to lock picture and move ahead with the sound and color correction. Stay tuned...

September 2005 |  Post-production is going well. Plans are to have a complete rough cut ready by month's end. We also have three pick-up shot days we are scheduling to fill in a few needed places in the edit. Additionally, were now working with Roy Machado and Dallas Audio Post planning the audio sweetening, sound design and score.

June 2005 |  Principle photography has wrapped and we're forging ahead with post-production. Please check out the two "Teaser Trailers" on the Surveillance page for an exclusive first look at the film. A full-length trailer will be uploaded in the near future.

Project should be finished mid to late fall with plans to attend the American Film Market in November in Santa Monica, CA (probably with a trailer only).