RACHEL - The beautiful and talented Sheree J. Wilson plays the lead role of Rachel. Her previous film roles include CRIMEWAVE directed by Sam Raimi and written by the Coen brothers and two long running parts on CBS TV shows DALLAS and WALKER, TEXAS RANGER.

STEVEN DOWN - The principal lead role of Steven Down is being played by Matthew Tompkins, an accomplished stage and screen actor whose credits include TV's WISHBONE, and the features SPACE MARINES, IT'S IN THE WATER, 40, HIT, and RADIANT.

ANGELA - Down's ex-wife Angela is being played by the vibrant and sexy Natalie Raitano. Natalie's best known for her long running role on the syndicated TV show V.I.P.

TURNER - The role of security consultant Turner is being played by legendary character actor Burton Gilliam. He's appeared in such film classics as BLAZING SADDLES, PAPER MOON, FLETCH and HONEYMOON IN VEGAS.

DYLAN - The role of ex-CIA operative Dylan is being played by Oliver Tull, a full-time member of the improv comedy troupe Four Day Weekend. Oliver's appeared in numerous TV shows and feature films including DR. T AND THE WOMEN, THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE and SAVING JESSICA LYNCH.

PERES - The role of Oscar Peres is played by the ever-talented Julio Cedillo. A veteran of more than 30 feature films including the title role in the recent directorial debut of Tommy Lee Jones THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA which premiered at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

REEF - The mysterious role of Reef is embodied by wonderful actor Maurice Ripke. Maurice recently appeared in the feature A KILLER WITHIN starring C. Thomas Howell and has a recurring role on the international Spanish language soap opera LA LEY DEL SILENCIO.